Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The London National Park Photo Collage Map

London has never looked greener than on this collage map of London's green spaces.

This photo collage map of London green spaces is very pretty. The map consists of just the river Thames with the outline shape of greater London picked out by a collage of geo-located photographs of London's parks, woods and other green spaces.

The map is actually just a still image of the photo collage map which has been added as an overlay in Google Maps. I guess it would be more impressive to have created this as a fully interactive map, overlaying each of the photos on Google Maps. The user could then click on the individual photos and view them in a larger size. However the still image works as it is on Google Maps as you can zoom in on the map to examine individual photos at a reasonable size.

The photos for the map come from the 629 Wards Open Space Map. This map is a crowd-sourced attempt to get photos of green spaces in every one of London's 629 electoral wards. The green shaded areas on the map are areas where people have already submitted photos. The gray areas show wards which still need photos.

You can submit photos to the map yourself by Tweeting a photo with the hashtag '#629wards'. The photo collage map itself has been made in support for the campaign to turn London into the world's first National Park City.

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