Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mapping the Metro & Grand Paris Express

Le Grand Paris en Cartes is a series of interactive maps exploring aspects of the Paris Metro system and the impact of the Grand Paris Express, which is currently under construction.

The series includes a map of Metro Station Traffic (pictured), showing incoming traffic at each Metro station in 2013. It also includes a CartoDB animated map visualizing 24 Hours of Traffic on the Metro.

The Trajets Domicile-Travail map shows the commuting patterns of passengers on the Metro. Each dot on this map represents a Parisienne commune or arrondissement. The size of the dots show the numbers of people who commute (in and out) of the area. You can also hover over each area's dot to view how many commuting journeys are made in and out of the area.

The main map exploring the Grand Paris Express is the Density and Accessibility of the Grand Paris 2015-2030. This map shows the route of the rapid transit lines and stations for the new network.

The map also includes a wealth of demographic and economic data for each of the communes and arrondissements served by the Gramd Paris Express. The menu on the left of the map allows you to view data on the map related to employment, residential density and household income.

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