Friday, January 08, 2016

They Paved Paradise ...

Forty years ago the Los Angeles City Council adopted some of Joni Mitchell's lyrics as a mission statement. They made it their intended purpose to 'Pave paradise and put up a parking lot'. That aim has now been achieved.

Los Angeles now has around 200 square miles of parking spaces. Shane Phillips estimates that there is now more space for each car than for each person in Los Angeles county. To help illustrate the amount of space given over to parking cars in LA Shane has lumped all these parking space together to create one big imaginary parking space.

This parking space is 16 miles in diameter, You can see how much room all LA's parking spaces take up on Shane's Google Map, Mapped: All 200 Square Miles of Parking in LA County, As One Giant Parking Lot. The map shows the imaginary parking lot placed on top of LA.

Coincidentally, if you are interested in using proportional symbols on your own maps, you should have a read of the CartoDB Blog. In a post entitled Visualize 2015 Urban Populations with Proportional Symbols, Mamata Akella walks you through how he created a map with proportional map markers to show urban populations.

The post provides an informative introduction to proportional symbols, with information on absolute scaling & range-grading and some best practice tips when creating a map with proportional symbols. You can also see the finished map showing countries around the world with urban populations over one million.

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