Monday, January 11, 2016

Video on Street View

You can now explore inside the largest temple to bad taste in the world. The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is a gloriously attractive building, unfortunately is appears that they hired Liberace as the interior designer.

Thanks to a partnership with Google you can take a virtual tour of the hotel on Street View. Despite the quite incredible poor taste of the hotel's interior Jumeirah Inside is an incredibly well designed Street View tour. A side-on plan of the hotel allows you to quickly navigate to the various Street View tours of the lobby, restaurants, bar and hotel rooms.

If you select the Street View of the lobby you can even view the Cascade Waterfall in action. There are three buttons beneath the waterfall which actually allow you to view the waterfall in action on Street View. Select one of the numbers and you can view videos of the waterfall's fountain shows seamlessly superimposed on top of the 360 degree panoramic Street View scene of the lobby.

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