Friday, January 08, 2016

The Geography of Car Ownership

I don't own a car. The reason I have no car is because I live in a city with great public transport. I can get everywhere I want to get quicker and cheaper without a car.

I'm not the only one who thinks so. A new map of car ownership by CityMetric shows that over 50% of my neighbourhood are car free households. And it's not just in my neighbourhood or in my city. The CityMetric map of car ownership shows that in towns and cities across England & Wales many people have decided to live without a car.

If you look at any UK city on the map (only England & Wales is covered) you will see that the lowest percentage of car ownership is in inner city neighborhoods. As you move out, into the city suburbs, car ownership grows. Once you get out into the rural areas then nearly every household owns a car,

I suspect that none of this information is really news to you. However you might want to look at the map to discover the percentage of car ownership in your town's neighbourhoods. If so, you can view the full map of England & Wales car ownership here.

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