Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Annual Psychedelic Cloud Cover

Maps showing the average temperature of different locations for different times of the year can be quite handy when you are thinking about planning a vacation. However you might also want to check out how cloudy it might be. Using a new global cloud atlas you can find out the average amount of cloud cover nearly every location on Earth experiences during any month of the year.

EarthEnv's Global 1-km Cloud Cover interactive map visualizes 15 years of worth of cloud observation at 1 km resolution. Using the map you can select any month of the year to see how much cloud cover a location normally experiences based on the last fifteen years.

The map actually wasn't designed to help you decide on your next vacation destination. Its primary purpose is to explore different habitat types. The map provides a very good model for observing different biomes and eco-systems based on the frequency and dates of cloud cover. The map is therefore being used to predict species distributions based on the habitats and eco-systems revealed by the cloud cover data.

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