Thursday, May 12, 2016

Making a Property Price Map

L'Echo has published an interactive map which shows the average house price in all of Belgium's 19,000 neighborhoods. Using the map you can visualize the neighborhoods with the cheapest and the most expensive property in the whole of the country.

If you enter an address into the Do You Live in an Expensive Neighborhood map you can view a choropleth layer which shows the average house price in each local neighborhood. If you mouse-over a neighborhood on the map you can also view details on the number of sales (2010-2014) and the average price which properties in the neighborhood were sold for.

The map was created for L'Echo by Maarten Lambrechts. Maerten has also written up an interesting Making Of blog post explaining the process behind creating the interactive map and the static maps he also created for L'Echo's print edition. The interactive map has a number of different layers, including Stamen's Toner map tiles, the neighborhood boundaries, a layer for the map labels and the data layer.

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