Friday, May 13, 2016

Mapping Tallurutiup Tariunga

Tallurutiup Tariunga, otherwise known as Lancaster Sound, is the southern point of the Last Ice Area, the only area of the Arctic which is expected to retain its summer sea ice until 2050.

The World Wildlife Fund has released an interactive map of Lancaster Sound in order to raise awareness of the area's delicate ecosystem and to promote a campaign to designate the Lancaster Sound a National Marine Conservation Area.

The map includes a wealth of information about the importance of the area to both wildlife and the Inuit people.

If you scroll through the 'Story' section of the map you can learn about the Sound's polar bears, whales, migratory birds and other wildlife. The 'Gallery' section allows you to watch videos of the wildlife and the area's environment. Finally the 'Explore' section of the map explains how the Inuit and local wildlife co-exist and how development could place the whole area at risk.

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