Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New York Under Water

Advancing Waters is a mapped visualization of the likely effects of rising sea levels on the five boroughs of New York City. The map goes beyond most other sea level rise maps by not only showing areas which would be affected by rising seas but also provides information on the infrastructure and people in the areas affected,

You can adjust the sea level rise visualized on the map using either of the two interactive charts to the left of the map. As you adjust the number of feet of sea level rise the likely areas affected are shown in red on the map.

The two interactive charts allow you to view the number of people, schools, transportation and waste facilities which could be affected in each of the five boroughs. The locations of the affected schools, and transportation & waste facilities are also shown on the interactive map.

The map was created with D3.js. It uses the National Elevation Dataset to predict the effect of sea level rise on each of the boroughs. It also uses data from the 2010 census and the NYC Selected Facilities and Program Sites datasets to predict the likely effects of different sea level rises on the population and infrastructure of New York.

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