Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mapping Displacement in the Bay Area

UC Berkeley, in collaboration with researchers at UCLA, have created an interactive map showing where gentrification and displacement is happening in the San Francisco Bay Area. The map reveals that more than half of low-income households in the San Francisco Bay Area live in "neighborhoods at risk of or already experiencing displacement and gentrification pressures".

The UCB Urban Displacement Project Map uses data from the census, various other sources and the project's own research. The initial map view highlights the projects own 'Displacement Typologies' showing the San Francisco Bay Area neighborhoods undergoing displacement and gentrification.

The map also includes a number of other data layers which allow you to explore San Francisco demographic data, changes in house and rental prices, employment density, income levels and the proportion of renter households.

You can learn more about how displacement effects individuals with the the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project's Narratives of Displacement: Oral History Map. This map allows you to directly listen to the stories of those fighting gentrification and eviction in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The oral history map documents the effects of displacement on individual lives by foregrounding the stories of those who have been, or are being, displaced by gentrification. The map includes thousands of markers showing where people have been displaced through no-fault evictions. The blue markers allow you to listen to the SoundCloud recordings made by San Francisco residents negatively affected by gentrification and displacement.

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