Monday, May 30, 2016

Slow Down GPS

In Scandinavia the If Insurance company has released a new free sat nav application which can be used with Apple and Google powered mobile devices. It works like most sat nav devices except that the app uses a child's voice when you are driving in an area where there are likely to be children around.

It is estimated that around 65% of Scandinavian drivers drive above the speed limit near schools and day-care centers. In order to remind drivers to slow down when children are around Slow Down GPS simply provides a gentle but effective reminder by switching to a child's voice in areas likely to have lots of children around.

The GPS locations of all schools and day care centers are included in the app. However if you know other centers or institutions where children often attend you can inform Slow Down GPS using their simple crowd-sourced map.

At the moment the Go Slow GPS app only works in Sweden, Finland and Norway. It is such a great and simple idea however that I'm sure that there could be a global demand for this app.

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