Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Making of North America

Making North America is a PBS Nova documentary film exploring the history of the geological formation of North America and how the continent's land and mountains have emerged and evolved over time.

You can now also learn more about North America, its formation and its evolution, on this PBS Nova Making North America map. Using the map you can view satellite imagery of some of North America's most distinctive geological sites and view multi-media content explaining the origins of these features during Earth's long history. Be sure to click on the flying satellite on the map to view a great tour of how some of the United States' greatest geological features were originally formed.

Making North America also includes an interactive expedition, in which you have to hunt for clues that help explain the geological forces that have shaped North America. If interactive learning isn't your thing then you can instead just sit back and watch the complete series of Making of America (click 'Watch' from the main menu).

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