Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Crowdsourced Sidewalk Scores

Walkscope Denver is a crowd-sourced map which is gathering data on the quality of Denver's sidewalks. The map allows anyone to select a section of sidewalk or intersection and report on the quality of the sidewalk or add pedestrian counts.

To add an observation to the map you just need to select a sidewalk or intersection on the map and then select whether you want to report on sidewalk quality, intersection quality, or the number of pedestrians. You then answer a few simple questions and submit a photo of the sidewalk (if you so desire).

The map also provides a visualization of all the crowd-sourced reports submitted so far. Using the side-panel menu you can view mapped visualizations of all the sidewalk quality reports, all the intersection reports and the pedestrian counts. If you select a sidewalk or intersection on the map you can also view the reported scores and, where available, photos of the sidewalk or intersection.

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