Friday, May 13, 2016

The Glastonbury Festival Map

The Glastonbury Festival site has now become so large that it is very easy to get lost (especially in the dark at night while being attacked by hallucinatory terrors). What is needed is an interactive map of the site - such as the NME's Where to Camp at Glastonbury Map.

Ostensibly the NME's map is a guide to the best camping spots at Glastyonbury, providing an overview of the liveliest and quietest camping spots. If you click on any of the camp sites displayed on the map you can read a good overview of the pros and cons of the site and who the camp site should appeal to. However the NME's Glastonbury Map also includes the locations of the stages, bars, medical points, ATM machines and much more.

If you are attending Glastonbury you might want to bookmark this map on your mobile phone, as it could prove invaluable if you ever get lost. Unfortunately the map doesn't include the option to automatically geolocate yourself on the map. The map could be instantly made so much more useful with the simple addition of an option to find your current location on the map.

A routing engine would also be really useful - but a lot more complicated to implement. Another more simple addition to the map would be an option to click on the stage map markers to see which bands were playing on that stage and when.

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