Monday, May 09, 2016

Instant Instagram Maps

If you have an Instagram account then SnapMap is a great tool which you can use to instantly create an interactive map of your photographs.

The SnapMap wizard is built upon Knight Foundations StoryMap.js. This means that any map created with SnapMap has the added bonus of being in the form of a story map. This is great if you want to create a mapped slideshow of your vacation photos or photographs that you have taken while on a journey.

To create a map with SnapMap all you need to do is enter your Instagram user name. That's it! Press the 'Create Map' button and you have your very own Instagram map. Your SnapMap includes your last 20 photos uploaded to Instagram plotted by location and sorted in the order that they were uploaded.

You can even create a SnapMap for other Instagram users. Therefore you can easily use SnapMap to create photo maps of your favorite Instagram celebrities (as long as they have location sharing turned on).

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