Monday, May 09, 2016

The Mapped Wonders of Nordic Food

Expedia has created two interactive maps which allow you to explore the wonderful delights of regional food in Sweden and Finland.

The Taste of Sweden uses Leaflet.js to create a gastronomic tour of some of Sweden's regional dishes. Thankfully the map also includes the recipes for each of the featured meals. This means that if you are tempted by the thought of Lappland's smoked reindeer stew or Medelpad's hare burgers you can simply click on the map to view each dish's recipe.

Blood Pancakes made with blood and flour are a popular dish in Southern Ostrobothnian in Finland. The people of Pori, Finland, however prefer a dish of Crucified Whitebait, consisting of a whitefish nailed to a wooden board.

If these dishes are beginning to make your mouth water then you might want to take a closer look at this map of dishes popular in different regions of Finland. The Flavours of Finland is a custom made map exploring the wonders of Finnish food. The map presents regional dishes and recipes which are popular, traditional or characteristic in different parts of the country. Select one of the regional dishes from the map and you can view the ingredients and a recipe for the dish.

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