Friday, May 20, 2016

Bike to Work Day Around the World

Strava held its first Global Bike to Work Day on May 10th. On that day 148,602 cyclists around the world rode their bikes to work and uploaded their routes to the Strava app. You can view all of these cyclists setting off for work on Strava's animated Global Bike to Work Day map.

The map uses CartoDB's Torque library to animate uploads made to Strava throughout May 10th. In truth the map doesn't really communicate much aside from where Strava has penetrated the global market.

The day / night layer which moves across the world as the animation plays out is a nice touch. It is kind of interesting to view the sudden burst of activity as the day starts around the world, However again this layer doesn't reveal much apart from the fact that most people around the world work during daylight hours.

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