Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Put the Wind Beneath Your Maps

You can now add animated wind layers to your maps thanks to a new API from Windyty.

Windyty is an animated wind forecast map based on NOAA wind data. It allows you to view forecast wind patterns for the next five days on top of an interactive 3d globe. The map includes a number of other animated weather layers (including cloud cover and temperature) and allows you to view animated wind patterns at a number of different altitudes.

The Windyty API allows you to add the same animated weather forecast layers to your own interactive Leaflet.js maps. You can see the API in action and some example source code for adding a Windty layer to a Leaflet map on this Hello World demo map. For now the API is free to use.

If you want to add an animated wind layer to other interactive map platforms then you should have a look at Windy-JS. With Windy-JS Esri has adapted Earth.nullschool.net's original 3d globe of animated wind into a canvas layer which can be added to a variety of mapping APIs.

Esri has created a demo map with Windy-JS, Wind Animation, which allows you to view global wind conditions animated on top of an Esri slippy map.

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