Monday, May 16, 2016

It's Isochronic Greased Lightening

Walkalytics is a new service for providing pedestrian time analysis, or put more simply - walking times. Walkalytics provides an API to access its walking time analysis. The API has a paid subscription model, although I believe there is free limited access for developers.

You can view Walkalytics in action on this isochrone demo map, which allows you to query walking times in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Boston and New York. To view the walking times from any location you just need to click on the map. The map will then instantly display a walking times isochrone layer, showing how far you can walk from that location within different lengths of time.

Walkalytics pedestrian time analysis is based on OpenStreetMap data and they claim they are accurate to within five meters.

Route360 also has an API to provide developer access to travel time data. The API has been designed to provide simple access to the Route360 isochrone travel time library.

Using the Route360 JavaScript API you can add a travel time isochrone layer to an interactive map. The API allows for users to add bike, car or walking travel-time isochrone layers. It also includes options to add a time control, so that the transit isochrone travel times will adjust to a specific transit network's schedule of operations.

If you are more interested in finding out how far you can travel on public transit then you should check out Mapnificent. Mapnificent shows you how far you can travel on public transport for any given length of time, in a number of major cities around the world.

Drop a marker anywhere on one of Mapnificent's city maps and adjust the slide control to define your commuting time. The map then displays the commutable area using an isochrone layer on the map. You can adjust the slide control to see how far you can travel for longer or shorter commute times.

Isochrone Maps of Europe is a beautiful looking series of maps visualizing train travel times across the continent. The series includes a number of static isochrone maps which visualize the travel time by train across Europe from a number of major cities.

The travel times for each city map were calculated using the Swiss public transport API. The travel time data was then converted into contour lines using conrec.js, and then plotted as paths using d3.js and finally overlaid on a Leaflet.js map.

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