Thursday, August 04, 2016

Build Your Own Subway

It's time to tear down the New York City subway system and start again from scratch. The New York City Council's Department of Transportation has decided that you are the best person for this job. They have therefore asked you to completely redesign the city's subway system and create a better NYC Subway map.

Brand New Subway is an awesome interactive map which allows you to create your very own New York subway system. You can build subway lines anywhere in the city and place subway station where ever you want. As you create your new map Brand New Subway will estimate how many passengers will use your map and how much each fare is likely to cost.

When you add a station to the map a number of data sources (census data, jobs data, existing transportation demand, etc.) are used to estimate the station's ridership. The same data is used to estimate the daily ridership on your whole new subway system. As you build your city-wide subway system you might want to keep a check on the estimated single-ride MetroCard fare. This is calculated based on the construction and maintenance costs of the stations & tracks that you have added to your new New York City subway system.

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