Monday, August 15, 2016

How Spiritual is Your House?

My home is built on a well known sacred site of mystical energy. It lies exactly at the intersection of three ancient ley lines. These three straight line paths connect some of Britain's most spiritual monuments and all three paths converge exactly on the location of my house.

If you live in Britain then your home is also built on a site of ancient and magical importance.

Ley lines are supposed straight lines which connect three or more prehistoric or ancient sites. One of the biggest criticisms of ley lines is that because of the high density of historic and prehistoric sites in Britain (and probably most other countries), finding straight lines that 'connect' these sites is trivial and purely coincidental.

The Magical Mystery Ley Line Locator is a superb demonstration of this criticism of ley lines. It uses a database of ancient monuments and buildings in the UK to show how given any location in the UK you can draw three ley lines that converge on the location.

If you enter a UK postcode into the map then the Magical Mystery Ley Line Locator will draw three ley lines which converge on that postcode location (you can use 'RH10 5LU' if you don't know a postcode). Each of the lines passes through three or more site of historical importance. These historical sites are shown on the map by markers along the three 'ley lines'. To show how easy these lines can be created one of the ley lines that converge on your location will always pass through Stonehenge.


Anonymous said...

The original use of ley lines refer to straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks. Now what you are trying to poo poo on is the spiritual energy part so lets use science. Some of the lines have been proven to have higher earth magnetic energy or distortions in those locations. This is where it seems spiritual because they have also proven certain disruptions to a human's brain waves (temporal lobe) with external energy (stimulation) create a spiritual experience (called the god helmet, which is only producing 1 microTesla). Now if our ancestors had something like that happen they would probably see it as significant (no kidding) and build a relic or shire dedicated to this spiritual experience (which ironically is what the theory is isn't it?). In other words, yes ley lines exist, it's just up for debate on why they exist and what or why our ancestors used them ... the best theory being the god helmet. It is also a good idea to point out the fact that the earth's magnetic field use to be stronger than ours today (we've lost 9% globally in just 200 years), actually something that worries a lot of scientists because we aren't at the point it will be affecting us but getting to the point where cosmic matter will be damaging and interfering with our satellites etc.

Unknown said...

Ironic that electromagnetic field lines are rarely straight if ever.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Is there any ley lines crossing lines in caister on sea uk

Stacey said...

Is there ley lines in burnley

Unknown said...

Ley lines in Paulton