Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mapping Toronto Parking Fines

Nearly 1.5 million parking fines were issued in Toronto last year, raising over $68 million in fines. You can discover where and when these parking tickets were issued on the Visualizing 2015 Toronto Parking Fines interactive map.

The map colors each block of road in Toronto Downtown & East York by the number of parking fines issued on that section of road. You can also select any road on the map to view the number of registered infractions, the total amount of fines and an assessment of the risk of getting a parking ticket on the selected road.

The map allows you to filter the results by day of the week and by hour of the day. Visualizing 2015 Toronto Parking Fines uses crossfilter to provide these interactive charts which allow you to view the number of fines issued on each road by day and by time of day.

If you want to create your own Leaflet maps with crossfilter then you might want to check out crosslet a JavaScript library which helps you easily combine crossfilter with a Leaflet interactive map.

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