Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Explore the Music of the World

Spotify's Musical Map of the World allows you to listen to locally distinctive music in cities around the world. Using the Musical Map you can select from around a thousand global cities and listen to the music that appeals to local people who use the Spotify music streaming service.

When you select a city on the map you can view a Spotify playlist of the most popular distinctive music from that city. This playlist is not necessarily the most popular songs listened to on Spotify in the chosen city but the most 'distinctive'. In other words this is music that people in the chosen city listen to a lot, which people in other cities do not listen to so much.

If you are more interested in listening to locally created music than the music that the locals listen to then you can try the Radiooooo map instead. Radiooooo is a fun global music map which allows you to listen to music from anywhere in the world and from any decade going back to 1900.

If you aren't bothered about where in the world your music comes from you can also try the 'Taxi' option which allows you to listen to music from random countries. Radiooooo also includes the option to select the 'mood' of music that you wish to listen to (slow, fast or weird).

The American rock band Chicago were formed in Chicago. That might sound obvious but it actually turns out that most music artists with geographical based names don't seem to have any geographical connections with the places that they are named for.

So, how well do you know your geographically named rock bands?

Expedia's World of Music is a mapped based quiz with a difference. The object of the game is to identify the home locations of music artists with geographical based names. In the quiz you are played a series of songs by bands with geographical names. Your task is to click on the map to show where you think the band hails from (and not where their name might suggest).

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