Monday, August 29, 2016

Facebook Remembers Everything

One of the central themes of the Jason Bourne films is the idea that the CIA are pretty good at tracking everybody's movements (unless you are Jason Bourne). Of course most of us make it very easy for the CIA by sharing our every waking moment with the world anyway - on social media.

To prove this point the internet campaign for the new Jason Bourne film uses data from your Facebook and Instagram accounts to prove how much of your life you reveal on social media. Log-in to Remember Everything with your Facebook and Instagram accounts and you can view your life replayed on Google Street View.

Or - at least I think that's what it does. When I log-in to 'Remember Everything' I just get a message saying 'We don't have enough data on you'. Ha! I win Zuckerberg .

According to the press release you will be shown moments from your life - in the form of "a multiple choice question (example: "Which of these four people were you with on April 15th, 2015?"). All memories are further contextualized with Google Street View panoramas of the location from that specific memory."

Have fun playing with Remember Everything. Then, when you are done playing, have a look at your Facebook privacy settings and think about disabling your location history.

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