Monday, August 08, 2016

Creating Story Maps with Leaflet

Last week Maps Mania posted a few examples of Mapbox Story Maps. Those examples all use Mapbox to display locations in a scroll-driven narrative. You can also use Leaflet.js to create scroll-driven story maps.

Jack Dougherty's leaflet-storymap is a great template to use for creating scroll-driven story maps with Leaflet.js. Jack's leaflet-storymap is an easy to use template for creating a scroll-driven story map in which all the narrative content is loaded from a GeoJSON data file. You can view a demo of the template in action here.

The HTML code in the demo map is very well documented. if you have used Leaflet.js before then you should be easily able to use the template and even adapt it for your own use. The 'read me' file on  leaflet-storymap's GitHub page also contains a number of useful links to other story map templates.

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