Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sheep View - Part Two

Earlier this year some eager mappers started a petition appealing to Google to add Street View imagery in the Faroe Islands. Instead of waiting for Google to respond to the petition, some of the islanders also decided to start collecting their own 360 degree panoramic imagery.

The Faroe Islands may not have Google Street View but it does have a lot of sheep. The logical step therefore was to deck out the islands' sheep with 360 degree panoramic cameras. So the Faroe Islands invented Google Sheep View.

Google has not yet responded to the Faroe Islands petition. Which means that Mapillary, the crowdsourced  street photo mapping project, has had to step in to fill in the gaps in Sheep View.

This summer Mapillary employee Peter Neubauer and his son traveled to the Faroe Islands, put on their sheep costumes, and began capturing street photos of the Faroe Islands (some of this might not be true).

You can read more about how they captured the new street level photos of the Faroe Islands on the Mapillary blog post, Photo Mapping the Faroe Islands. You can also explore the imagery yourself on the Mapillary map or on Peter's photo story of A Father-Son Mapping Trip.

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