Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Living, Breathing Cities

Earlier this year Mark Evans created a wonderful mapped visualization of commuting flows in the USA. These hypnotic animated maps show workers traveling to and from American cities. Mark has now created a similar visualization showing the commuting flows in English & Welsh cities.

The Commute Map is an animated map showing where people commute to work from into U.S. cities. The maps don't show the actual journeys that commuters make but give a great sense of how town and city centers suck in commuters from surrounding suburbs. As the animations play out on the map you can see the movement of workers into the cities in the morning and the movement home again in the early evening.

Mark's new Commute Map of England & Wales replicates the U.S. map, only this time it shows where people commute from into towns and cities in the UK. Using the two drop-down menus above the map you can select a region and then an individual city or town.

After you select an individual location the map animates the commuting flow into the city in the morning and then the commuting flow as workers return home in the evening. The four locations where the most workers commute from are indicated by the colored moving dots on the map.

A list below the map also shows the locations where people commute from and the numbers that commute from each location.

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