Wednesday, August 03, 2016

South Africa's Political Killings

Today South Africans are voting in the 2016 Municipal Elections. The ANC has dominated the political landscaped in South Africa since the end of Apartheid. However the poor economy and corruption scandals centered on president Jacob Zuma could seriously damage the ANC's performance in today's election.

The corruption charges against the South African president are not the only problems that the ANC have faced in the run-up to today's election. Over the last three week's a number of mostly ANC politicians have been murdered. More than a dozen politicians have been killed and not one case has been solved.

South African newspaper the Mail & Guardian has mapped all of this year's political assassinations. The Mail & Guardian has used the Esri Story Map template to map the killings. This means that you can explore each assassination by selecting the markers on the map or you can use the forward and back buttons on the map to progress through the killings one by one.

The name of each politician, their political party and the date of the murder are given for each assassination. Where the Mail & Guardian have reported on an assassination a link is also provided to the newspaper's report.

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