Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Safer Streets of San Francisco

San Francisco is the latest city to adopt a Vision Zero strategy. Vision Zero initiatives look at the causes of traffic accidents and where they most happen. They then implement policies to try to make those streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

On Maps Mania we've looked before at Vision Zero Boston and Vision Zero New York. In both these initiatives interactive maps were used to identify the roads with the worst safety records. They were also used to help inform the public about (and track the progress of) the initiatives adopted by both cites to make these roads safer.

Interactive maps also play a large part in Vision Zero San Francisco. The Vision Zero San Francisco Maps & Data page includes a number of maps. These include maps of the roads & intersections that have been identified as having the worst safety records, a map plotting 2016 road fatalities and maps showing pedestrian & cyclist collisions on the city's roads.

It also includes the Vision Zero Capital Improvement Projects map. This map shows the locations of the initiated projects designed to improve safety on the city's roads. It also allows you to track the progress being made on these projects.

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