Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Welcome to the Hellfest Site Map

This is definitely one of those times when a screenshot doesn't do a map justice. In the amazing map depicted in the picture above all the people shown are dancing and all the flames are flickering. When I pan the map to the right I can watch motorbikes zooming up and down a road. If I pan to the left I can view an animated Ferris wheel. All of this in the best interactive festival site map you will ever see.

LifeRide x Hellfest is an interactive map of the Hellfest Music Festival. I say 'map' but in fact this is more like a Sims game than any interactive map that I've ever seen before. The visual style of the map and the amazing number of animated features certainly makes you feel like you've entered a Sims version of Hellfest.

However this is an interactive map of the Hellfest festival site. It not only shows you the location of the main stages, Extreme Market and other main venues it also features a number of map markers. These markers allow you to explore lots of media content about the festival, including photos, videos, concert recordings and interviews with performers.

I've spent a little time comparing this WebGL map to the conventional Hellfest static map. A few liberties have been taken with the geography of the festival site but the interactive map might just be accurate enough to navigate by. Somehow though I don't think this amazing map has been made with navigation in mind.

This map was made to rock!

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