Friday, August 05, 2016

The Favela is a Blank Spot on the Map

In the run-up to the Rio Olympic games a lot has been written about the city's favelas. Much of this interest in the favelas has concentrated on the poverty, crime and violence in these neighborhoods and on the policies and actions of the police and city authorities to try to 'pacify' the favelas before the Olympic games.

Google has instead decided to look a little more closely at the lives, ambitions and successes of some of the individuals who live in Rio's favelas. Beyond the Map - the Unexpected World of the Favelas is an interactive tour around Rio which concentrates on a number of individuals who have grown-up in the city's favelas.

This interactive documentary takes you on a tour of Rio in which you get to meet individuals who have grown-up in the favelas. The documentary uses a number of 360 degree interactive videos which transport you around the city. At each stop on the journey you can watch a videoed interview with a local citizen in which you get to learn a little about their lives and dreams.

The use of aerial imagery, 360 degree videos and YouTube interviews provides a great introduction to the city and an interesting insight into life in the favelas.

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