Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mapping India's Members of Parliament

Natafilter is a searchable interactive map of members of India's Lok Sabha. It allows you to select any election constituency on the map to discover the name (and other details) about it's Member of Parliament.

Using the map you can view details about each MP's educational qualifications, net assets and (probably most interesting) the number of criminal cases in which they have been involved. You can filter the data shown on the map to show either the education, net assets or criminal cases for each MP.

The map uses scaled circular markers for each MP on the map and different colors to show the level of education attained, the net assets owned or the number of criminal cases. So, for example, if you select to just view the number of criminal cases on the map the biggest orange markers on the map show the MP's who have been involved in the largest number of criminal cases.

You can also find out information about every member of the Lok Sabha using MP Track's Members of Parliament Map If you enter an address into the map you can discover the name of the local MP. You can then click through to find out about the MP's attendance, participation in debates, questions asked and private members bills submitted, from the MP Track database.

The Members of Parliament Map includes a number of other options, which allow you to view the number of male or female MP's, to filter the MP's by age-range or tenure, or to show all the MP's belonging to each of the political parties.

The map uses Fusion Tables for the back end, while Derek Eder's popular Searchable Map Template was used to create the data filtering options.

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