Tuesday, May 01, 2018

3D Map Games

For some reason all the online mapping companies seem desperate to become computer gaming platforms. Mapbox has released the Mapbox Unity SDK and Google is also keen for people to use the Google Maps API with Unity.

These mapping SDK's for Unity are designed to help game developers build games based on real world locations. But why bother with Unity when you can just create fun games with Cesium.js?

GeoStrike is a multiplayer 3D shooting game. The game uses the Cesium.js 3d mapping library to create a game world which is georeferenced to the real world. The game is really easy to play. Just choose a character, enter your character name and you are then dropped into the game world. Now all you have to do is track down and shoot the other players from around the world.

Soarer is a very simple flight game which uses Cesium.js to allow you to explore the world from the air. In truth there isn't much of a game element to Soarer. In effect it just provides you with a few keyboard controls which allow you to explore Cesium's 3d world as if you were flying a plane.

GeoFS is a proper full-scale Cesium.js flight simulator. The game allows you to take control of a number of different aircraft, many of them with realistic cockpits. GeoFS is also a multi-player game so as well as fighting to control your own aircraft you can see and chat with other players in the game.

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