Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Destruction is Coming

A new interactive map has got Guns and Roses fans excited. features a Mapbox map of the world. On top of the map is an animation flicking through the five skulls from the cover of the Guns and Roses album 'Appetite for Destruction'.

If you visit the website on a mobile devise you are asked to choose one of the five skulls and share your location with the map. The map also features a countdown clock which will reach zero in 1 day and 12 hours (at the time of writing). There is a lot of speculation among fans about what the map and countdown represent. Presumably we don't have long to find out.

While you are waiting for destruction to arrive why not play Expedia's World of Music Quiz? Expedia's map quiz with a difference tests how well you know your rock bands with geographically inspired names.

The American rock band Chicago were formed in Chicago. That might sound obvious but it turns out that most music artists with geographical names don't actually have any geographical connections with the places that they are named for. Expedia's World of Music quiz asks you to identify the home locations of music artists with geographical based names. In the quiz you are played a series of songs by various bands. Your task is to click on the map to show where you think the band hails from (and not where their name suggests).

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