Monday, May 28, 2018

The Berlin Building Age Map

Berlin finally has an interactive building age map. It was made by the Berliner Morgenpost. Which means that Berlin has a really great building age map. An interactive map which shows the age of every building in the German capital.

The Berlin Building Age Map, like other building age maps, colors individual building footprints on a map of the city to show the decade when every building was built. However the Berliner Morgenpost's individual take on this now familiar format is to to use the map as the background to a fascinating exploration of Berlin's architectural history.

As you scroll through the article the map filters the buildings shown on the map era by era. In this way the newspaper takes you on a chronological tour of the city's historical development and  architecture. For each era the story map examines some of the particularities of the buildings of this era and where in Berlin you can find typical buildings from the featured era.

Instead of scrolling through the story map you can select to explore the map for yourself. In this mode you can click on individual blocks on the map to view the age of buildings and search for individual addresses on the map.

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