Monday, May 07, 2018

Maps of Loving Kindness

After visiting the Southern Poverty Law Center's important but depressing Hate Map, which tracks the growing number of hate groups operating in the United States, it is very easy to forget that most people are actually filled with loving kindness. So let's remind ourselves on this wonderfully glorious day of all the love and kindness in the world.

The Kindness Map has set itself the mission "to magnify kindness in the world". It believes that if you see kindness and share that kindness with the world then you help to create a kinder world. Therefore to help you more easily share the acts of kindness that you witness with the world the Kindness Map was born.

The map contains examples of acts of kindness carried out by people across the globe. If you've also witnessed an act of kindness yourself then you can add it to the map simply by sharing your story with the Kindness Map.

Alongside all these acts of kindness the streets of America are also filled with love. For example there are eight million love stories in the naked city alone. And yours could be one of them, if you add your love story to The Cut's New York Love Map.

This New York map of love shows "482 stories of kissing and hooking up", which took place at different locations around New York. The black markers show locations where people have shared stories of relationship break-ups - so ignore those stories. You should instead concentrate on the blue markers which contain all the wonderful stories of people falling in love for the first time.

Now I want you to go out into the world today and share all that you have learned and spread the message of love and kindness with everyone that you meet. Why not start right now by sharing this post on social media?

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