Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Memorial Day Map

For Memorial Day Axios created an interactive map of U.S. military deaths since 9/11. The map shows how many soldiers have given their lives for their country since 9/11 in every county in the contiguous United States. The Memorial Day Map uses the home towns for each of the fallen soldiers.

The circle markers are scaled to show the total number of deaths in each county. It is important to note that these are total numbers. For example Los Angeles County is the biggest marker on the map. This is because the 167 deaths of soldiers is the largest number of any county. That doesn't mean that LA County has suffered the highest number of deaths per population. The colors of the markers represent the normalized number of deaths per 100,000 of the population. Bexar County in Texas has the highest rate of military deaths of all U.S. counties (with more than one million people).

Since 9/11 6,940 U.S. military service members have died in service.

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