Monday, May 07, 2018

People Not Borders

Wökpö Interactive has released an interactive map which compares modern country borders to the actual geography of where the world's ethnic groups live. The map uses data from ETH Zurich's Geo-referencing of Ethnic Groups.

The interactive globe in Beyond Modern Borders doesn't load on my laptop. However the globe includes a button to view an interactive map. This map actually works. The thick lines on the interactive map show the modern country borders while the thinner lines separate the ethnic groups. You can reveal an ethnic group's name by clicking on the map.

Alongside the map Wökpö Interactive has done some analysis of the relative homogeneity of different countries around the world. If you select a region from the drop-down menu you can view a graph showing how diverse or homogeneous that regions individual countries are. The countries are color-coded on this visualization to show whether country populations have religious, linguistic or ethnic diversities.

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