Friday, May 11, 2018

Norway's Neglected Bridges

In Norway the public roads administration is responsible for checking the safety of all the country's bridges. According to VG they are not carrying out the required annual inspections for more than half of the country's bridges. In Rules are Broken on Half of All Bridges VG looks at the data behind the inspections of Norway's bridges.

VG's investigative report includes an interactive map showing the location of all the bridges that are overdue for inspections. The Neglected Bridges map shows all 16,971 bridges on national and county roads. Bridges on the map can be highlighted to show all those that are suffering from severe damage, bridges that have been marked as needing repairs and bridges that are overdue being inspected.

If you select an individual bridge on the map you can read its report from the public road administration database. These includes details about when it was last inspected and the results of that inspection.

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