Monday, May 07, 2018

The Merpeople Sightings Map

Dutchman Samuel Fallours once bought a mermaid in Indonesia. He managed to keep the mermaid alive in a bathtub for four days before it died of malnourishment. Luckily for us before Fallours' mermaid died he managed to capture her likeness for posterity

Now History Today has created an interactive map of Merpeople sightings around the world. The map documents the locations where individuals believe that they have seen either mermaids or mermen. However, before you start worrying that History Today is shape-shifting into the Fortean Times, the reports on their interactive map all date from 1610-1784.

Merpeople Sightings, 1610-1784 is a story map exploring some of the reported sightings of merpeople during the great age of world exploration. The map was created to accompany Vaughn Scribner's article on Mermaids and Mermen in History Today. In the article Scribner explains why many of the world's greatest thinkers in the 18th century were open to the idea of merpeople, especially during an age when many wonderful creatures were being discovered around the world.

And before you glibly dismiss these historical intellectuals as gullible fools you might want to check-out:

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