Thursday, May 10, 2018

Shadows of Boston

Boston’s Planning and Development Agency has made an impressive interactive map which shows all of Boston's buildings in 3d. Boston 3D Buildings is an amazing map of the city containing thousands of Boston's buildings in glorious 3d.

My favorite feature of this incredible 3d map is that you can view the shadows of all the buildings for any time of day and for any month of the year. Just click on the 'Daylight' button and you can change the building shadows on the map to see how they would look at different times and in different months.

If you select the 'Layers' button you can toggle a number of map features on & off. These include trees, points of interest and even the 3d buildings themselves. You can change the colors of the buildings from the grey & white (as seen in the screenshot above) to color-coded by zoning. You can also click on individual buildings to view details about the selected building.

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