Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Interactive Moll Map Collection

Bernard Pavel Moll was an 18th century German diplomat, cartographer and collector of maps. During his lifetime Moll collected thousands of maps. Thanks to Moll's Map Collection you can browse his collection of vintage maps online. Moll's Map Collection has digitized Moll's original maps and made them available to view as interactive maps.

The maps are organised by location. You can therefore search the maps by location. For example - if you want to see historical, vintage maps of Venice you need to first select Italy and then select the Republic of Venice. You can then choose from the many, many maps of Venice in the Moll Map Collection.

When you select to view an individual vintage map it is displayed as an interactive map, which you can browse at will. If you click on the 'Zobrazit na' button you can view the map overlaid on top of a modern map layer in Georeferencer.

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