Wednesday, May 09, 2018

New York - Hour by Hour

The night-time population of Manhattan is around 2 million people. During a normal weekday however the number of people shoots up to around 4 million, as people come to New York to work, shop and play. The Manhattan Population Explorer is a mapped visualization which allows you to explore how the population of Manhattan changes block by block for each hour of every day, during an average New York week.

Using the day and hour controls on the map you can view every Manhattan block's population for any hour of the week. If you want to know more about the population patterns that the map reveals you can read through the 'Story' element by simply clicking on the forward and back buttons.

The 'Statistics' button allows you to view a graph of Manhattan's population over a week alongside the map. The statistics automatically update to reveal Manhattan's population for any day or hour that you select using the map controls. 

The visualization uses D3.js with Mapbox GL and the code for the project is on GitHub. The GitHub page for the project also includes a presentation of the methodology used in modelling Manhattan's population.

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