Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Examples of Global Warming

EarthTime is a compelling visualization of real examples from around the world of global warming, deforestation and rising sea levels. The site uses historical satellite imagery to demonstrate how the Earth is changing over time due to the impact of the human race.

If you select the Stories tab you can choose from a number of different environmental stories curated by some of the world's leading scientists and environmentalists. These stories includes visualizations of deforestation, shrinking glaciers, expanding urban centers, coral bleaching and sea level rise. All the stories use animated satellite imagery to show how different locations around the world have changed over time.

The use of animated satellite imagery allows the user to witness for themselves the impact that humans are having on the environment. EarthTime was developed by Carnegie Mellon University and uses data collected from respected government and non-governmental agencies around the world. All of this environmental data is open source.

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