Friday, May 04, 2018

How Segregated is Your Town?

This week the Washington Post released an impressive interactive map revealing the level of segregation in American towns and cities. The Segregation Map is a huge dot map of the United States, visualizing the ethnic breakdown of the American population. The Washington Post aren't alone in worrying about the level of segregation in American cities. The Anti-Discrimination Center has also this week released a series of interactive maps exploring the segregated neighborhoods of American cities.

In Segregated, really segregated, or ultra-segregated? the Anti-Discrimination Center has created three interactive maps which show the current level of integration in American neighborhoods. The initial map of the three shows the largest ethnic group in each state, county, or census tract area. The second map shows the percentage of the African-American population in each area and the third map shows the percentage of Hispanic or Latino population in each area.

On both the African-American and Hispanic or Latino maps you can click on the colors representing a percentage block (in the map legend) to highlight those areas corresponding to that range. You can also see whether your neighborhood has become more or less integrated over the last six years by switching between the Census 2010 and the American Community Survey 2016 views.

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