Monday, August 19, 2019

A Game of Hungarian Thrones

Tomorrow Hungary will celebrate St. Stephen's Day. The day commemorates the foundation of the Hungarian state. On this day Hungarians remember Stephen I, the first king of Hungary and founder of the Kingdom of Hungary. St Stephen became king of Hungary in 1001. For the following 917 years Hungary was ruled by a succession of monarchs, until Charles IV renounced participation in state affairs in 1918.

You can explore the history of Hungary's royal kings and queens on Atlo's Battle of Thrones. This detailed history of the Hungarian royal families includes a number of data visualizations including family trees and an interactive map. The map shows the places where each of Hungary's royal rulers was born and died. It reveals that the Hungarian royal family have originated from all across Europe. In fact even the second king of Hungary, Stephen I's successor, Peter of Venice, was born in the Republic of Venice (he wasn't the only Hungarian king born in Venice - Andrew III was also a native of the republic).

Other Hungarian kings have been born in what is now Spain, Romania, Italy, Germany, Poland and  elsewhere across the continent. On the map the red circles show where a monarch was born and the blue circles indicate the monarch's place of death.

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