Monday, August 12, 2019

The Impossible Burger Real-Time Map

Imitation meat by Impossible Food is inexplicably very popular. As a vegetarian of 40 years I struggle to see the attraction of processed food which has been designed to taste like meat. However there are obviously many people who do want to eat fake meat. In fact so many people want Impossible Burgers that it has become nearly impossible to find an Impossible Burger.

Which is why Bloomberg has created the Impossible Burger Real-Time Map. Enter your location into Bloomberg's map and you can instantly find all the nearby fast food restaurants which currently have stocks of the Impossible Burger. Restaurants where Impossible Burgers are available are marked in green and restaurants where they are unavailable are colored red.

Users of the map can update the information shown on the map. If you are viewing the map on a phone then you can share your location with the map and report the availability of Impossible Burgers (or their unavailability). The Bloomberg report accompanying the map also includes information on all the latest restaurants and fast food chains which are selling the Impossible Burger.

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