Monday, August 05, 2019

Russia's No Protest Map

On Saturday over 800 protesters were arrested in Moscow. A week earlier over 1,300 protesters were arrested in the city. The protesters are calling for free elections. However the police have determined that the protesters are gathering illegally.

Under Russian law citizens are allowed to 'assemble peacefully and without weapons.' Unfortunately the authorities in Moscow say that the time and location of protests must be agreed in advance. Of course the authorities turn down all requests to protest. In addition it is actually illegal to demonstrate in many places in Russia. The Russian government has designated huge areas where they say people are not allowed to protest. You can find out where some of these areas are on a new interactive map.

The Protest Not Allowed interactive map shows the areas in 16 cities where it is prohibited to demonstrate. The red areas on the map show where protests are banned. The map sidebar also tells you what percentage of each city has been designated as prohibited territory. For example, in Nizhny Novgorod you can not hold a protest in 73.65% of the city. About the only place you can legally demonstrate is in the middle of the Volga river.

Via: Weekly OSM

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