Thursday, August 01, 2019

These Farms Receive $1 Million+ in Subsidies

In 2017 389 farms in the USA received $1 million dollars or more in government subsidies. Farm subsidies were introduced during the Great Depression to save family farms from bankruptcy. They are now mainly being used by the industrial farming sector to milk the government. For example Pinicon Farms in Iowa received $9.9 million in subsidy from the government in 2017 alone.

OpenTheBooks has published an oversight report, Harvesting U.S. Farm Subsidies, which catalogs how in 2017 $13.2 billion in farm subsidies was paid to 958,000 recipients. OpentheBook has also released an interactive map which shows the location of all all recipients receiving $1 million or more in farm subsidies since 2008.

The Harvesting U.S. Farm Subsidies Map can be searched by Zip-code. If you click on a marker on the map details about the subsidy recipient are listed below the map. These details include the name of the 'farm' and how much the recipient has received in subsidies from 2008 to 2017. If you download the full OpenTheBooks report you can view a list of all 389 farms which received over $1 million in just 2017.

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Believe this says Loans as well. I do not call my mortgage a subsidy.