Tuesday, August 27, 2019

One Season in One Year

The citizens of Florida Keys experience very little temperature change throughout the year. In fact the temperature only ranges from around 68°F in January to 83°F in August. If the people of Florida Keys want to experience real changes in temperature then they should move to northwest Minnesota, which has the largest difference between the highest and lowest monthly average temperatures in the USA. In some parts of northwest Minnesota that temperature ranges from 3°F in January to 68°F in July.

In Where the Seasons Are Mike Bostock has used National Climatic Data Center records on U.S. temperatures (from 1895 to the present) to map out the difference between the highest and lowest monthly average temperatures across the contiguous United States. On the map regions of the U.S. are colored to show the difference between the lowest and highest temperatures experienced in a year. The green areas on the map experience the lowest differences in temperature between winter and summer. The pink areas have the biggest temperature changes.

If you are interested in the actual average temperature in a state over a year then you can refer to Temperature Sensei's Temperature and Weather Conditions of the World. This collection of weather maps includes a map showing the average temperature recorded in ​each state.

Minnesota on this map experiences an average yearly temperature of 41.2°F. Our friends in Florida Keys can look forward to an average 70.7°F over the course of an average year. Temperature Sensei has also created maps which show the average rainfall and snowfall experienced by every state in an average year.

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